The Philippine Center for Print Excellence Foundation, Inc. (PCPEF) was established by a group of the country’s leading printing and graphic arts practitioners, suppliers, and service providers committed to uplift the printing industry. In accordance with its commitment to serve as the voice of the Philippine printing industry, PCPEF recently launched and turned over to the Philippine government the roadmap for the printing industry, a project which we have painstakingly and carefully worked on over the past couple of years together with our partners from the CBRD, DTI-Board of Investments, and De La Salle University. The roadmap is aptly title Vision 2020 and outlines five focus areas for the industry to reach its potential in the next few years

The Philippine Plastics Industry Association, Inc. (PPIA) is the premier voice of the local downstream plastics industry. The association was formed on January 18, 1970 with an initial membership of eighty (80) plastic companies. In September 6, 1970, it was officially inaugurated and now house its office in a building located at 122 A. Del Mundo street, between 10th & 11th avenue, Grace Park (West), Caloocan City, Philippines.

To address the worsening situation of the industry, a group of businessmen coming from the print, graphic arts and communications sectors got together, pooled their resources and discussed ways and means of resolving the issues. The focus was to complement machines with technical skills: good printing equipment alone do not produce quality printing. Thus on July 27, 1967 the group headed by a Dutch missionary, formed the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation (PPTF). Being printers themselves, Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey of the Missionary of the Sacred Heart Congregation (MSC) and Mr. Bert Benipayo of Regal Printing Company saw the difficulties of the situation and took the task to themselves. PPTF is a private, non-stock, member-supported, non-profit institution dedicated to the upliftment of the graphic arts communications industry through a program of manpower training and upgrading of knowledge and skills.